Monday, July 29, 2013

How’s Your Summer?

Summer at SLU has been a blast this year. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week (highs near 78!) and the St. Louis Cardinals still lead Major League Baseball with the best winning percentage of 2013.

Most college campuses are pretty quiet and empty during the summer months, but it’s the complete opposite here at Saint Louis University. From SLU101 orientation sessions, to summer classes, to dozens of various summer camps, midtown St. Louis has been a happenin’ and hoppin’ place!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my communication internship involves handling some marketing for "Summer At SLU." Each week I go out to the various camps, shoot some footage, and create a 60-second highlight video to post on YouTube for the University. Above is the video from week 8. It features clips from the Campus Recreation, Gardens to Tables, Grand Arts, Social Skills, and Sports Business camps, as well as a few clips from the special Anatomy 101 course taught to high school teens. Each week there’s a different variety of summer camps; you can view all other 7 weeks of video on SLU’s official YouTube channel, or by searching “Summer At SLU.”

So how’s your summer been? Check out these videos and definitely consider bringing your summer experience to a whole new level next year by spending some time at Saint Louis University!

This campus doesn’t take a summer vacation; SLU is alive every month and every day of the year!

- Luke -


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