Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer At SLU

This summer I have an awesome internship. I am working with a “special force” marketing group at Saint Louis University in the office of Enrollment and Retention Management Communications. One of our major projects this summer is “Summer At SLU" —- the collection and central organization of everything happening on campus from classes, to summer camps, to conferences, to orientations.

Each week I go out and search campus for the latest happenings. I shoot some footage, bring it back to my office, and create a short highlight video that we then post to SLU’s official YouTube account. It is then also posted on the Summer At SLU Facebook page

The video above is the one I created for Week 4. Stay tuned as I post more over the coming weeks. And if you’ve been on campus at all this summer, keep your eyes peeled! You may have just become famous via the video!

Just as all these young kids, high school and college students, and even adults come to campus to learn and grow during Summer At SLU, I too have that opportunity through my sweet SLU internship. These weekly videos are enhancing my professional portfolio and will be perfect for showing future employers my experience with digital marketing.

"What kind of summer do YOU want to have?”

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