Tuesday, February 5, 2013

REAL Madrid Football!

What better way to experience Madrid than attend a REAL football game? That’s exactly what was going through my mind my second day abroad when I learned Madrid would be playing the Celta team at home. My new housemate Kyle and I grabbed a metro to the stadium and scalped some tickets for the experience many only dream of or try to relive on Fifa Xbox games. Madrid — led by Messi, of course — dominated the “soccer” game with a 4-0 victory. I got to see my first professional red card and cheer on one of the best teams in the world. As a SLU-Madrid student, I can officially say that Real Madrid is “my team.” How cool is that!?

The Tweet you see above is from my friend and fellow SLU classmate Ari. She was watching the game on her TV back at SLU-St. Louis and was obviously quite envious I got to actually be there! Sometimes I don’t realize just how lucky and blessed I am to have such an experience like this through Saint Louis University, and it takes my friends back home to remind me!

Oh, and something interesting that I learned: fans don’t “boo,” they whistle really, really loudly when there is a “bad” call by the referee or poor sportsmanship. So every time the crowd didn’t like what was happening, people would start whistling and chanting. Very different than my beloved Cardinals baseball games back in St. Louis! Talk about an international culture experience, right? Hah! Don’t worry, I’ve had many, many more social and cultural experiences while abroad in Madrid over the past four weeks. Stay tuned to hear about some more of them!


- Luke


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