Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Engineering Learning Community Commercial

Check out the YouTube video above (or follow this link) to view the 30-second commercial that I made this past semester to promote the engineering learning community at SLU.

One of my assignments in the video production (CMM 293) course that I took required me to create a commercial about something at SLU. I chose the engineering learning community for several reasons…

(1) I lived there as a freshman! That’s right: Even though I am a communication major, I found myself living on the engineering learning community, located on the third floor of Griesedieck and Clemens. Several of my best friends from the floor still live there this year and serve as learning community mentors, hanging out and helping the freshman engineers. 

(2) Learning communities ROCK! If you’re not familiar with what a learning community (or LC) is at SLU, you can read more about them here. In short, it’s a designated floor that students of a certain/common major or interest live together on in one of the residence halls. There are LCs for anything from engineering, to honors, to “diversity and unity.” Students can work on homework and study for tests together, walk to some classes as a group, and immediately connect with others in their same field of study or interest. As a product of a learning community during my freshman year, I cannot talk these up enough! 

(3) It was the perfect opportunity to show my old floormates what a communication major can do! My friends on the engineering learning community last year and I would always engage in playful banter about me being the only “comm” major on the floor. They would tell engineering and advanced math/programming jokes that would go way over my head, and I would constantly show them up with any essay writing, media, public speaking and salesmanship. With such a playful rivalry between majors, I knew that using my skills and talents with media to promote the floor I love was all too perfect.

After a day of shooting and a couple weeks of editing, I introduced the LC commercial to the floor. They LOVE it. The staff member that oversees all the learning communities has actually requested permission to use the commercial on the website for prospective students to view. 

The commercial may seem just a wee bit cheesy, but the engineering learning community really is, well… home!

Be a Billiken. Be and Engineer. Be a Communication Major!



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