Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween at SLU

The leaves are changing colors and it is officially sweater season here in St. Louis. There are three amazing things about fall in college: (1) cozier weather, (2) Thanksgiving and (3) Halloween. Now I don’t know about you, but Halloween seemed to lose its magic somewhere around age 10 for me. But, let me assure you, all the excitement, decorations, candy and celebrations come back full-strength in college! The final safe-haven between childhood and adulthood, college is the perfect breading ground for a wonderful mix between “kid-stuff” and maturity. And Halloween is the prime time to see what I mean by this!

This past week I aced two major tests, edited a 25-page paper, worked 10 hours at my internship and planned/taught the freshman course I co-instruct. Believe me, all that take a lot of being a “grown up.” But, also this week I went on a hayride, made s’mores, won a costume contest, went trick-or-treating and carved pumpkins like a champ. And, believe me still, that takes a big child-like heart at age 20! And since we all love Halloween, let me break down the really fun parts of my week for you:

  • Billikens After Dark" (one of SLU’s late-night student orgaizations) hosted its annual Carnifall event in the quad. Hundreds of SLU students hung outside last Saturday night and enjoyed carmel apples, kettle corn, pumpkin carving and bowling, Halloween games and raffles, a photobooth, and - the highlight - a horse-drawn hayride that circled campus! The horses, named Duke and Fire, were HUGE and provided the best hayride I’ve had in years!
  • The next day I went trick-or-treating with Habitat for Humanity. I sported my homemade Ash Ketchum from Pokemon costume and went door to door with my good friend Kathryn and three TMNTs in nearby St. Louis neighborhoods. We were “trick-or-treating for change.” Community members filled our goodie bags with spare change - not candy :/ - to support the STL Habitat for Humanity organization. My team raised over $120! In total, SLU’s Habitat for Humanity chapter raised over $1300!
  • In the course I co-instruct we had a Halloween-themed day. My students were encouraged to wear their costumes (Ted showed off his awesome giant woopie cushion) and there was candy galore for everyone. We painted gourds as a “labyrinth meditation” exercise after talking about Jesuit discernment and decision making.
  • And on Wednesday Halloween finally came! After classes in the evening I met up with my friends to carve pumpkins and toast s’mores in one of the campus BBQ pits. After many attempts we finally got the snacks perfect and munched on some more holiday candy. To top off the evening I went to 9:30 PM mass in the Griesedieck Residence Hall chapel for an “anticipatory” mass for All Saints Day (November 1st). After mass everyone packed into the campus minister’s office to enjoy chocolate cupcakes and Carpi Suns. Needless to say the sugar rush from the day kept me up well into the night!

With Halloween over, November has sly snuck in. The majority of my majors tests and papers will be due this month… but on a more exciting note, Billiken Basketball is officially back! I went to the first exhibition game against Rockhurst yesterday (a blow-out win for the Billikens) and am looking forward to the season opener this coming Friday night. You’ll be hearing plenty more about SLU basketball very soon, I promise. 

Well, I hope your November has gotten off to a solid start as well!

Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday, and don’t forget to turn in your application to SLU (like my little sister, Maria) if you haven’t already! Go Billikens!

- Luke



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